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New Letterpress-Style T-Shirt!

I'm excited to announce the begging of a letterpress-themed line of t-shirts. This is the first design of several to come! Click here for the Men's version.Click here for the Women's version.  

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Blog Slog

I set myself up for the blog challenge and just as I always say, it's hard to stay on top of it. This doesn't really count as a post, but it's something.

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Antique Stores as The Occasional Letterpress Find and a Brief History of My Skateboarding Career

The first time I went into a thrift store I was in 9th grade. At the time I was a recovering sports-playing, kind-of-popular kid. I was shedding that identity and ended up taking up with the skater kids, who also were talented artists as well. This was the 90s and tiny skate board wheels had come into fashion as had insanely huge pants and shorts. But so were vintage work shirts — at least among this crew. I traded in my beloved Hard Rock Cafe shirt for a thin, light blue button up work shirt with name "Bob" embroidered on it....

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Tons of New Work Up!

Custom Design Greeting Cards Save the Dates Stationery Weddings

It's been a minute since I have had the chance — and motivation — and right weather and lighting conditions to update the portfolio portion of the website. While I'm about 2/3 complete with adding all of the projects I'm super happy with the way things are turning out. It's a trip down memory lane revisiting all of the projects I've worked on over the last several months. There's a wide range of custom letterpress projects from existing and new clients and a bunch of "just for fun" and limited edition works added too.

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Santa Fe Hand-Crafted Signage

As a graphic designer I have always been drawn to and inspired by old signage and hand-painted type and images. Its's a display of craftsmanship similar to letterpress and depending on what you are trying to print the effects can definitely parallel. On a recent trip to Santa Fe I couldn't help but notice in all the small towns we passed and drove through as well as SF itself there was so much hand-crafted signage. And guessing this is more of a practical approach to advertising than anything. The photos I have included are by no means a comprehensive gallery. I'd...

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'Wired' Magazine Article: How Letterpress Printing Came Back from the Dead


There are reasons that, 30 years ago, letterpress appeared to be at death’s door. This kind of printing is fussy. To print books and small matter, you arrange blocks of metal type in a press to spell out words; headlines or posters often use large type cut from wood. A letterpress then pushes paper down onto the blocks, which have been covered with a thin layer of ink. You wind up with inky fingers and aching muscles. And it’s impossible to achieve completely consistent results. Click here to read the full article  ...letterpress printing—a revitalized craft that for hundreds of...

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Letterpress Correspondence Cards

Custom Printing Stationery

Letterpress printing is still the ultimate way to showcase your brand or company. VOCO is "a marketing agency made up of spirited pragmatists, witty strategists and results-obsessed pros with a straightforward, savvy, and sustainable outlook on business and life." It was an honor to print these simply elegant letterpress stationery cards for VOCO. We printed on heavy duty — but still very dreamy — Lettra 220lb. This is one of the thickest cards available and it's sturdy and stands in a class all on its own. This is exactly how you want to relay your brand and standards.   

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My Dream Press

Misc. Press

There are 2 presses I need in my shop and this here Heidelberg Windmill is one of them.  I am currently considering acquiring this press. Though it means the very difficult almost paralyzing decision to swap out my current, beloved press to make way for this bad boy. This one was made the same year I was born making me err on the side of serendipity. I'll let ya know if I decide to pull the trigger... 

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"Pressing On" — A Letterpress Film


As a Kickstarter backer for "Pressing On" I was able to get an advanced digital version to watch ahead of the official release, which is not for several months. I immediately loaded the file on to my computer, plugged that into my 60" screen and cranked up the floor speakers for the best possible home theater experience. The film captures the true spirit of letterpress printing and the artists, collectors, hobbyists, and professional printers who still champion this craft. There are so many different variations and styles of printing now that it would be hard to capture so much great content in a...

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Flashback! One of My First Prints


When I started printing — back in the summer of 2011 —I was working on a tabletop proof (or sign press) that had a print size of about 8x12" and I worked feverishly on this press cutting my teeth on it. I maxed this press out and did a ton of experimental projects in the beginning with the overwhelming excitement of being a first-time letterpress printer. It's funny to look back on the prints and projects I was working on before I decided to persue printing commercially. This poster was created for a friend who was way into cocktails at...

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Press: 5280 "Meet the Makers: Local Paper Artists"


I was honored to be featured in the Winter 2016 issue of 5280 Home for some of my letterpress work, along side several other great local printers and artists.  If you were to ask Brian Wood what’s most important to letterpress designs, he’d tell you it’s all about the font. Since his initial foray into the medium four years ago, Wood has collected 30 antique wood types and transformed his second-bedroom hobby into a full-fledged business in Lafayette. Wood works solo and splits his time between custom projects and his greeting card line, which showcases his minimalist style, muted color...

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Allegro Coffee Roasters Tokens

Coasters Custom Printing

Allegro Coffee Roasters has recently expanded their brand to include stand-alone retail coffee shops and have been opening up these great new stores across the country. The most recent being in New York City. I have had the distinct pleasure of printing tokens for all 5 of the locations. The tokens are given away to lucky customers to cash in for a free drink of their choice. As a company that is serving high end coffee and tea, letterpress is a perfect match for their brand. As a Boulder-area letterpress printer I am amble to visit the Tennyson location and...

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Graphic Design Misc. Social Media

In addition to taking on regular blogging, I also finally got my Dribbble account started up after having it for a couple of years.  So what is it? Dribbble is a community of designers answering that question each day. Web designers, graphic designers, illustrators, icon artists, typographers, logo designers, and other creative types share small screenshots (shots) that show their work, process, and current projects. I like to think of it as an online Instagram for strictly design-related things. So I am posting some logos (existing, comps and rejected versions) and letterpress shots as well.  Sometimes I forget all the stuff I...

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Press: Shining Brightly At Dogs & Stars


From a feature on Boxcar Press // February 8, 2016:  Lafayette, Colorado is an award winning small city where Dogs & Stars letterpress shop calls home.  This “Best Place for Young Families” and “Top Fifty Best Places to Live” community is an inspirational place for the edification and admiration of letterpress printing. Brian Wood of Dogs & Stars is banking on that to advance his craft in his new workshop. Getting into letterpress has evolved over a ten year period for this graphic designer.  His early influence was old letterpress posters with inspiration drawn from wood type.Click here to read the...

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Hear My Train A Coming!

Crowdfunding Misc. Posters

My good friends down at the Letterpress Depot in Englewood, Colo. have launched an IndieGoGo campaign that runs for about another month. (ending in June 2017) Not only is the cause amazing, but the rewards for backers is like none other. You get your money right back when you support the Depot with either a membership, poster, workshop, or any other of the endless goodies available. Click here to read more and support them!  A couple years ago when the Depot was first concepted they reached out to 20 letterpress printers across the world to print a poster to be sold by the Depot...

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