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Learn to print!

Letterpress is gaining popularity and many people wonder how to get started printing. A lot of folks don't quite know what the process is and this is the prefect opportunity to see what you need to start printing and learn the letterpress way. You can learn all of this and more at the Dogs & Stars studio. 1/2 day workshops are available.

The studio is equipped with a 1924 10x15 Golding Jobber platen press, A 1970 Windmill, three proof presses, a 6x9 Kelsey, dozens of both antique metal and wood type fonts, metal and wood ornaments and borders and fun vintage cuts. 

The workshops are tailored to whatever you want to learn and are excellent for a "crash course" on all things letterpress. We'll cover different kinds of presses, ink mixing, typesetting, letterpress resources, paper, setup, and much more!


150.00 for an individual workshop
2 people = $175
3 people = $200
4 People = $225

The shop is all yours for a 1/2 day! I teach students to set type, lock it up, and print. No experience required. Learn to operate the platen or sign presses. Learn basic ink mixing. Introduction to polymer plates. Take home a set of notecards, greeting cards or coasters. Scope of the class is up to the workshop participants– it's up to you what you want to learn. 

Please fill out the contact form for any questions or to set up a workshop time.

$50.00 per hour for an individual lesson or consulting.
(Add more participants for a group rate. Contact for details.)

Dogs & Stars is now offering online introduction to letterpress workshops, guides and lessons. These can be tailored to any individual or group need.


  • Intro to the Heidelberg Windmill
  • Intro to hand fed platen press (Golding, C&P)
  • Intro to printing on a tabletop Kelsey
  • Getting started with proof presses
  • Typesetting
  • Intro to designing for polymer plate printing using Adobe Illustrator
  • What to look for when buying a press
  • Type of letterpress machines (Platen, proof press, tabletop)
  • What can I print using a letterpress (type, polymer, cuts, lino, mag cuts, etc)
  • Crash course on all things letterpress (min. 3 hours)
  • Getting a shop started - what do I need?
  • Open to suggestions, too!

Contact for details and to discuss what you'd like to learn!

We live in a global society and can easily connect online to talk letterpress printing, presses, typesetting, design and more! I have been letterpress printing since 2011 and happy to share what I know with any curious or struggling printers out there!

Once we connect over a session, I'm available as an ongoing resource for like, ever. Distance letterpress isn't quite the same as being in person, but if you need help we can connect from anywhere in the world and that's pretty cool.

Letterpress workshops in Boulder & Denver Colorado. Learning to letterpress print Colorado

Print Shows

Firehouse Gallery // March 2020 (with The Book Arts League)
East Simpson Coffee // Dec. 2019
The Collective // Aug. 2019 // Group Show with The Book Arts League & Jen Grant
East Simpson Coffee // Dec. 2016 
FRCC // Jan. 2017 //Group Show with Englewood Depot Poster Group
Trees Collide // Group Show // East Simpson Coffee Co. // November 2015
Vitruvian Fitness // December 2014 // Solo Show
Book Bar // June 2014 // Group Show with Englewood Depot Poster Group
Hamilton Type Museum // June 2014 // Group Show with Englewood Depot Poster Group
Tee & Cakes // February 2012, 2013, 2014
Click here for a video of me at my "Chicken Scratch" show shot by 23rd Street Studios.

Past Public Workshops

Letterpress workshops in Boulder and Denver. Learn to letterpress print

The Upside Down
Nov. 2019
Book Arts League

Intro to Polymer Plate Printing
Saturday, Feb 25, 2017

Letterpress Love
Sunday, January 31, 2016
Saturday, February 4, 2017
River North Workshop

But First, Coffee: A Caffeine-Inspired Letterpress Workshop 
Saturday, September 26, 2015
Sunday, April 12, 2015
Saturday, Nov 2, 2014
Book Arts League

Recipe / Note Card Printing
Sat, Nov 23, 2014
Book Arts League