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"Pressing On" — A Letterpress Film

As a Kickstarter backer for "Pressing On" I was able to get an advanced digital version to watch ahead of the official release, which is not for several months. I immediately loaded the file on to my computer, plugged that into my 60" screen and cranked up the floor speakers for the best possible home theater experience.

The film captures the true spirit of letterpress printing and the artists, collectors, hobbyists, and professional printers who still champion this craft. There are so many different variations and styles of printing now that it would be hard to capture so much great content in a feature-length film. But director Erin Beckloff and Bayonet Media were able to fluidly connect  printers, their shops and personalities, spanning different generations, that encapsulated a great snapshot into the bygone days, preservation and future of letterpress.

I recommend heading to the website to request a screening and sign up for updates so you can watch this as soon as possible.

Long live print!

Another great film to watch in a similar vein: "Linotype: The Film"


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