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"Pressing On" — A Letterpress Film


As a Kickstarter backer for "Pressing On" I was able to get an advanced digital version to watch ahead of the official release, which is not for several months. I immediately loaded the file on to my computer, plugged that into my 60" screen and cranked up the floor speakers for the best possible home theater experience. The film captures the true spirit of letterpress printing and the artists, collectors, hobbyists, and professional printers who still champion this craft. There are so many different variations and styles of printing now that it would be hard to capture so much great content in a...

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Hear My Train A Coming!

Crowdfunding Misc. Posters

My good friends down at the Letterpress Depot in Englewood, Colo. have launched an IndieGoGo campaign that runs for about another month. (ending in June 2017) Not only is the cause amazing, but the rewards for backers is like none other. You get your money right back when you support the Depot with either a membership, poster, workshop, or any other of the endless goodies available. Click here to read more and support them!  A couple years ago when the Depot was first concepted they reached out to 20 letterpress printers across the world to print a poster to be sold by the Depot...

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