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Hear My Train A Coming!

My good friends down at the Letterpress Depot in Englewood, Colo. have launched an IndieGoGo campaign that runs for about another month. (ending in June 2017)

Not only is the cause amazing, but the rewards for backers is like none other. You get your money right back when you support the Depot with either a membership, poster, workshop, or any other of the endless goodies available.

Click here to read more and support them!

 A couple years ago when the Depot was first concepted they reached out to 20 letterpress printers across the world to print a poster to be sold by the Depot to help raise funds for the museum. I was honored to be a part of this select group. The poster exhibition has since travelled around the country in different venues such as The Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum.

This was my poster. It's 11x14" — It's 4 color set with wood and metal type and I sawed down linoleum blocks for the tracks and printed them over each other. To see more pictures please click here.

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