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New Press! A Windmill will be the Newest Addition

For years I have dreamed of having a Heidelberg Windmill in my shop and this weekend dreams are coming true! I kind of have to pinch myself to see if this is really happening. And how, honestly, it fell into my lap. Not all 2800lbs, but the equivalent in happiness, at least.

Back in June a friend approached me with an idea — to trade my Golding for their Windmill. While there are a host of arguments for and against, I went with my gut feeling and held on to my press and let this one go. Turns out that was wise.

Click here to see the press

The new press will ideally boost productivity by what I'm guessing — based off of my rough estimates — 10 fold and possibly overall printing quality. Or at least less fussy than my current press. I say that now.... But we are talking about the difference of 50 years of technology about. My Golding Jobber no. 7 is from 1923 and the Windmill, while I don't yet have the serial number, is from  around the 1970s. The Golding is powered by my foot, where the Windmill is electric. So much more to come on this!

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