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Why have Dogs & Stars Letterpress print my job?

As I am working through a new page on my website — FAQs — I realized it's not a bad idea to talk about my qualifications.

While I try and bring humbleness to my everyday — in fact, I can't help it — I thought it would be nice to note why I'm qualified to print your letterpress job.

Below is what I had written up.

As an experienced printer of 8 years (since 2011) I bring a very detail-oriented approach to letterpress printing and care deeply about the customer experience as well as the final printed product.

Since I currently operate on a hand-fed, foot-powered press, I have the capability (time consuming as it is) to inspect each printed piece a second after it’s pulled from the press. This allows me to verify the ink coverage, alignment, color, paper defects or any issues that may arise.

I have printed high-volume jobs for large clients and small jobs for independent, local businesses and I have customer satisfaction across the board.

I’ll do everything in my power to make the process smooth, efficient and deliver within the promised turnaround time.

Please check out my “about” page for more info. There’s a video, articles and more!

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