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Podcast: Good Life Project — Letterpress Workshop

The host takes a letterpress workshop as a way of getting in touch with a tactile, hands-on experience. Sound like fun — click here for the Dogs & Stars workshop page

 Click here to listen to the podcast.

"As the world has gone digital, we feel pain. Sure, there are benefits to an electronic existence, but truth is, we are wired to experience life in a more tactile, touch-driven way. Pinching, sliding and tapping screens doesn’t cut it. We need to touch, create, make and build with our hands, bodies and tools, working with materials in three-dimension. Right now, that need is going largely unfilled. But, there’s a counter-movement afoot to take that back. We call it The Touch Economy. That’s what we’re exploring in today’s GLP Riff."

Become part of the counter-movement — hire a letterpress printer today. : )

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