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Greeting Card Sale — a la Covid19


Thanks for stopping by! As you know all too well now, there isn't one person or business who is not affected by Covid19. And there's no shortage of information overload. In fact, if you are reading this, I feel like I have won — albeit, a small win. So many people are vying for your attention and for all of us to pitch in and help the many of us who are taking a hit.

Letterpress is not likely considered essential. But connecting with people is. I'd like to see if greeting cards would help bridge that gap a little. You can meet on Zoom or Facetime, but there's still nothing quite like a hand-written letter.

As some of you know I was planning to host an open house to try and move some of my older inventory to make room for new card designs and grow this side of the business. So, this is kinda be like an open house... without seeing the shop? Let's just call it a "sale."

Card examples here!

  • There is no shipping or tax on orders.
  • And cards sometimes feature adult language. Nothing too crazy. Messages are just 'on-brand' with my real life tone.
  • All cards are blank inside.
  • Cards will ship out ASAP and the USPS has been on point lately, so I expect everything will arrive in no time.
  • Free stickers with every purchase.

Any help is appreciated!


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