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Dogs & Stars Art Show With Jeff Holland — March 2

Just announced!

I've been invited to 'open' (if you will) for my good friend Jeff Holland's music poster show in Denver. I started listening to Jeff's fantastic radio show on 1190 — Route 78 West — in the early 2000s. He used to go on at 10am on Sundays and and play 2 hours of Honky Tonk, Americana, Swing, Drone, Hippie, Modal, etc — and I'd run into him at a rock show and say sometimes I don't wake up in time to catch the show. He'd roll his eyes and begin setting up his live taping for the band we we about to see. He'd always post Mp3s of the show's archives so I could catch up whenever a revelry-filled night prevented a timely awakening.Times have changed, indeed. I get up much earlier, but still listen to all that great music.These days you can catch him on alternating Wednesdays on KGNU at 9:30 am.

Jeff's been a huge influence on how I listen to music and have always admired his poster work for the local Denver/Boulder music scene. He's put together a retrospective of his work, which features 80 framed rock show posters he's done over the last 20+ years. I have a small part in the show and will hang around 20 monoprints. Maybe when you go out to the alley for a smoke you'll see mine hanging by the dumpster. ; )

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