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Calling Cards (AKA Visiting Cards)

Using inspiration from a mostly-retired practice, I am super excited about the template calling card options offered on the site.

There are currently 16 different designs to choose from and I hope to have more designs available in the coming months!

Calling cards a great way to present your basic contact info without having to come up with a personal brand or logo. They are basically business cards without having a business. Not to say the template-style calling cards can’t be used as business cards — they, of course can.

I have come up with a variety of designs that I hope you enjoy! 

All calling cards are printed on double thick 100% cotton letterpress paper with black ink and several paper options. Custom ink colors are available for a little bit extra.

 But my hope is the cards look great, you choose a design and we get printing right away!

From Wikipedia:

A visiting card, also known as a calling card, is a small card used for social purposes. Before the 18th century, visitors making social calls left handwritten notes at the home of friends who were not at home. By the 1760s, the upper classes in France and Italy were leaving printed visiting cards decorated with images on one side and a blank space for hand-writing a note on the other. The style quickly spread across Europe and to the United States. As printing technology improved, elaborate color designs became increasingly popular. However, by the late 1800s, simpler styles became more common.[1]

By the 19th century, men and women needed personalized calling or visiting cards to maintain their social status or to move up in society. These small cards, about the size of a modern-day business card, usually featured the name of the owner, and sometimes an address. Calling cards were left at homes, sent to individuals, or exchanged in person for various social purposes. Knowing and following calling card “rules” signaled one’s status and intentions.

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