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Announcing online letterpress lessons, workshops and tutorials - learn to print over Zoom


$50.00 per hour for an individual lesson or consulting.
(Add more participants for a group rate. Contact for details.)

Dogs & Stars is now offering introduction to letterpress workshops, guides and lessons. These can be tailored to any individual or group need.


  • Intro to the Heidelberg Windmill
  • Intro to hand fed platen press (Golding, C&P)
  • Intro to printing on a tabletop Kelsey
  • Getting started with proof presses
  • Typesetting
  • Intro to designing for polymer plate printing using Adobe Illustrator
  • What to look for when buying a press
  • Type of letterpress machines (Platen, proof press, tabletop
  • What can I print using a letterpress (type, polymer, cuts, lino, mag cuts, etc)

Contact for details and to discuss what you'd like to learn!

We live in a global society and can easily connect online to talk letterpress printing, presses, typesetting, design and more! I have been letterpress printing since 2011 and happy to share what I know with any curious or struggling printers out there!

Once we connect over a session, I'm available as an ongoing resource. Distance letterpress isn't quite the same as being in person, but if you need help we can connect from anywhere in the world and that's pretty cool.

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