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2018 APA Retro'Goose, come and gone

A week has already flown by since the conclusion of the 2018 'Goose. As always there's a sense of melancholy that comes along with these kinds of events. For a weekend you are surrounded by like-minded people — good people — who are talented and experienced in letterpress, spanning so many generations. You reconnect with old friends and meet new ones. You talk type, presses, the state of things, the here's and the there's. There's a common ground with all printers and I take comfort in that.

The inspiration drawn from the event is it's own beast and it's up to you what is to be done with it. That's the esoteric aspect. The physical element is the type you bought, be it a small and select amount or a spree on the wood type from the auction.

Check out some photos from the event on Instagram with the tags #aparetrogoose #apawayzgoose & #apawayzgoose2018

Next year's 'Goose will be in Nashville, so hold on to your hats!

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