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How do I format for a print-ready file?

☛ Adobe Illustrator file
☛ Artwork sized to 100% of the desired printed size with the artboard the desired paper size
☛ Fonts outlined
☛ All fonts and art converted to 100% black
☛ Pantone color specified somewhere (email is cool) or on the layer name
☛ If there is more than 1 color the different colors need to be separated and I can also help with that Is there a minimum font size?
Roughly 6pt, but I would say that can vary based on the font style and design. I'm happy to preview your design and I will also look at it no matter what before submitting the design for platemaking.

Can you print bleeds?
Yes. To print bleeds extend your artwork 1/8" inch outside the page/artboard. What is a typical turnaround time? Typically 2-3 weeks, but that can vary depending on Do you do edge painting? Not at the moment, but I have plans to in the future! Do you print foil? No, I am not set up to print foil. Why printing white is hard. Letterpress inks are Large color blocks or floods of color.

Do you ship?
Yes, I sure do!I use USPS and shipping is usually 2-5 days depending on location. I prefer to take out insurance on the shipments, which can increase the cost a bit. It all depends on the value of the job, size and weight of the shipment. Eating the cost of a huge job because USPS lost or ruined a package would be pretty terrible.If I can fit the job in a priority rate box, I'll surely do that. Otherwise 100 business cards shipped across the country cost $10 recently — as an example.

Why letterpress?
Letterpress is when you want to pull out all the stops for your printed piece. While it has some limitations, if you stay within those the power of a letterpress printed piece is unstoppable! It's tactile, handmade and has an unmatched beauty. All the while we modern printers are keeping a craft alive

What is letterpress?

What press will you use to print my job?
I print all of my work on a 1924 Golding Jobber 10" x 15"

Okay, it's expensive. I love it, but can you help me understand why the cost is what it is?

Where are you located?
My print shop is located in Old Town Lafayette, Colorado. I am not far from either Denver or Boulder. However, I print and ship for clients all over the country.

What is the biggest you can print?
That depends on the design. It's tough to say offhand without the design for reference. Printing as large as 8.5" x 11" has happened but it's not ideal. Staying in the general invitation sizes or smaller is ideal.

Deposit info?
Deposits are non-refundable. In any case paper and polymer plates have to be ordered, in addition to planning and blocking out the time slots for your job. Paper is also cut in advance of printing, and as each job is custom it's likely the paper could be rendered useless for future jobs.